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East Anglian L.R.C.

The L.R.C. of Great Britain

Midland Counties L.R.C.

Kent Surrey & Sussex L.R.C.

West of England L.R.C.

L.R.C. of Wales

North West L.R.C.

Yellow Labrador Club

Labrador Breed Council

Labrador Club of Northern Ireland

Cotswold & Wyevern L.R.C.

Northumberland & Durham L.R.C.

Three Ridings Labrador Club

Labrador Breed Clubs

The L.R.C. of the Potomac

The Labrador Retriever Club, Inc

L.R.C. of Sweden

The L.R.C of Finland

Dog Clubs

The Kennel Club

The Scottish Kennel Club

Champ Dogs

Health Schemes for the Labrador


The B.V.A. Hip Dysplasia Scheme

The B.V.A.

Health Concerns for the Labrador

prcd-GPRA Retriever Labrador Results

Orthopedic Foundation For Animals

Dog Genetic Health

Coat Colour Inheritance In The Labrador

The B.V.A. Elbow Dysplasia Scheme

The B.V.A. Eye Scheme

Labrador Health

Croft Reproduction

Laboklin - Genetic Diseases in Dogs

Laboklin - Coat Colours & Length in Dogs

Laboklin - Identity & Parentage DNA Test for Dogs

British Dog Press

Our Dogs

Dog Show Schedules

Higham Press

Fosse Data

Print Matters

Pitalpin Print

Entries On-Line

Dog Biz

Championship Show Results

Higham Press

Fosse Data


Girls Who Chip

Weathertop Collection

Happy Hands Stud Service

Gundog Training Equipment

Sporting Saint

Quest Gundogs

Shooting Essentials

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Ardenbrook Labradors

Baileydale Labradors

Buccleuch Labradors

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Fabracken Labradors

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Oakhouse Labradors

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Silronrays Labradors

Sprucedell Labradors

Steeleigh Labradors

Trendlewood Labradors

Winsleywood Labradors

Velvetine Labradors

Exelby Labradors

Maleville Labradors

Balrion at Weathertop Labradors

Druimmuir Labradors

Dunnabbey Labradors

Claychalk Labradors

Dog Friendly Accommodation

Hay House Farm (Stafford)

Lismore House (Linlithgow)

Doggie Breaks

Carmichael Country Cottages

Shooting Opportunities

Feathers At Altitude

Veterinary Practices

Ryan & Calder

East Neuk